About Skimstone

Our mission since inception in 2008, has been simply to make great wine. By that we mean estate-grown wines that are fruit-driven and characterised by depth, vibrance and delicacy.

We are proud to be a part of the Mudgee wine region and to be contributing to its growing success on the world stage as well as here in Australia with our award-winning wines.

Why the name Skimstone?

Co-founder Anne-Marie Horton explains it this way: “Skimming stones is one of the great childhood delights. There’s magic in it because stones should sink, right? But when you skim them, they don’t sink – they fly. There’s beauty in it too. The perfect symmetry of the rings as they dance across the water shimmering in the sunlight. The dance that happens when the rings meet and skip over each other. As children, we called it the dance of the skimstone rings.”

If skimming stones is one of the great delights of childhood, then good wine, surely, is one of the great delights of adulthood. There is magic and beauty in both.

Locality and terroir

Skimstone is located in the world-renowned wine region of Mudgee, in an area known as Apple Tree Flat, 15 kilometres from the Mudgee township.

Our vineyard is situated 500-600m above sea level on a gently sloping hillside that flows down to an ancient raised riverbed.  Nestled among hills and mountains beyond, our vineyard is blessed with rich volcanic soil laced with quartz and very well drained. The terroir is ideally suited to growing grapes of the highest calibre.

The climate too is well suited to viticulture – cool spring days and cold nights with morning frosts delay budburst and in summer while the days are hot, the nights are cool, extending the ripening period. The highland sunshine which we enjoy in abundance is intense, resulting in wonderfully flavourful fruit, and wine of exceptional colour. 

The Mudgee wine region

With a viticultural history that stretches back to 1858, Mudgee has played a key role in the Australian wine story. The beautifully soft and intimate nature of the countryside around Mudgee is fashioned by the outer rim of hills which create the "nest "in which the region is fortunate enough to reside.

Winemaker Philosophy

It takes time and patience’s to make a good wine
There are no short cuts for making a great wine